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Amazing I played the online prequels and I I would like even more sequels with new areas new vehicles and a great addition would be cutscenes


Its amazing but too repetitive but amazing love it but no skill is needed

We need update

There is no update or DLC in the game, it cost 3$ and there is no update, we need more car and more customization for the car! But at all thats a great game! I hope that there is gonna be a 3!


This is game very cool!

Вадик няшка :D

On my live...

Better, longer

Improved over the original in most ways. The physics are spot-on, and the game runs smoothly. Its the In App Purchases that are most terrifying. You could literally - literally - spend hundreds of dollars, to do nothing but speed up the progression through the game. Ick. Just pay, play, and enjoy without the steep IAPs.

Five stars

Its a fun, weird little game. Kills the time. Drive a vehicle through a wasteland full of zombles for fun & profit.

Great game

Awesome sequel. Have played over and over again!!

Earn To Die 2

I think this is one of the best game Ive played I highly recommend it to people who play zombie games.


It wont let me go to garage or it crashes :( i spent two dollars for a menu screen I cant even go into the first level this game is not the best but I have played it before so that is why it has 3 stars it keeps crashing :( :( :( :( :( :(

Great game

Great game better than the first one.

Amazing game

This is an amazing and addictive game


Great app very fun to play!!!

Not very good

The first one was great but when I just got it I didnt understand the intro he already made it to the plane in the last one also you have to beat each level to get a new car and you have to do every step to upgrade the car you cant skip any steps. And I think the screen is not zoomed in enough but that is just my opinion :( . But make sure you play the first one that one is really fun at least :)

The best game

Is a good game I been playin this game for like 2 months and its a good game I recommend this game

Super addicting

I love this games so much please make a second one! Ive beat this game 3 times and love it! Keep up the good work!

Earn to Die 2

Great game, cant stop playing.

One Of My Favs...

Love killing zombies! Love fast cars! Great game, love modifying.

Erin to die 2

This is one cool game


Very good !!!!

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